Music production

We can help with any part of the production process -

  • Songwriting
  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Musical editing
  • Programming (drums, synths, piano, strings)
  • Mixing and re-mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live pre-production (putting the band back together!)
  • Mix and song assessment (this is free, get in touch!)

Our goal is to ensure everything clicks into place, so your material is as engaging as it can be, to help you achieve success, commercially and artistically.

How we work

Yamaha CP-80 and Gibson ES-135 Yamaha CP-80 Electric Grand and Gibson ES-135

Projects can be at any stage - you might arrive with a voice and a lyric, or have written music, and just need additional touches. You could have demos to lift to commercial release… we can help with those sorts of problems.

A production partnership could be for a single song, or a longer project, including artist development. Often the simplest way forward is to hit ‘record’, and see what happens.

We consider projects on a case-by-case basis - it starts with an open and honest conversation about who you are, and what you’re trying to achieve. We’d love to hear what you’ve been recording, so we’re happy that we’re right for you, and vice-versa.

How much does it cost?

Industry production rates tend to attach to recording and mixing rates, all-in, can vary between $500 and $1500 per day, depending on the producer, and the studio. Production agreements can also be made on a copyright splits basis, or be a combination of the two. A splits agreement can work well where you don’t have a large budget, or need additional musical input to bring a song to release.

Our aim is to make high quality recording more accessible, and grow our reputation in the industry. One way we can achieve this is by helping you with engineering, allowing you to leverage studio night rates, as well as doing the most time-consuming and detailed work here. For more info on our tech info, see Recording.

External costs

Some associate producers / arrangers work on a fee basis, only. Similarly, if your project requires external studio time, engineers, or session musicians, we can estimate the likely costs associated with that, and help you manage project costs.