Sending tracks

Mix review - free and confidential

If you send us songs or mixes for review and quote, this is completely free. The process is also confidential, meaning we won’t share material with third parties, and we do not store your files for longer than is necessary for the purpose of review. We also treat all feedback given as strictly confidential.

By sharing, for the purposes of feedback, listening, creating demos, or providing quotes for services, you don’t give us any right to publish (share), rework or re-use the material in any way - this is your work, protected by copyright law, pure and simple!

How our process works

  • Upload your files to a new folder on Dropbox or Google Drive - use the same folder for all files you send us
  • Send an email to [email protected] with your share link
  • Please share song names, track authors and any mix notes (“I want it to sound like…"), together with your contact details
  • We’ll review tracks and respond in 1-2 business days, with a no-obligation quote
  • If you are a new customer, we’ll supply a demo mix or master in 1-3 working days, if you request one
  • Once you give the go ahead, we will invoice you (payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer)
  • We’ll then deliver mixes or masters

For mixes, please also send us any mix references you have used, this can be -

  • Any recording you see as a gold standard in your genre
  • An example of your previous material, so we can be consistent (please send us WAV/AIFF/FLAC mix tracks if you have them)
  • Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube links (or MP3 files) are acceptable

For more info, check out Mix tips for mastering and the Stem mastering checklist