Recording studio and technical engineering

For Artists

Tracking engineers with good musical hearing are able to cross over from engineering into production. We try to fix problems like headphone balance, pitching, ‘ear’ warm up, and arrangement issues at source -

  • Our principal, Kenny Mac can engineer for you (here, or at any studio)
  • We can cover engineering for production customers, allowing reduced studio rates
  • We provide mixing and mastering services, as well as custom programming and editing

For Studios

Uncle O, in his element, checking console DC voltage lines as modules are loaded, to check PSU load is within tolerance.

We can help with studio electronics, our engineer-in-chief, Owen Reynolds is available for technical consulting, in particular -

  • Console appraisal (MCI, Neve, SSL, Tascam, Mackie and Rupert Neve Designs)
  • Multi-track tape machine appraisal, alignment and basic repair (Ampex, Studer, MCI, Otari Tascam, Lyrec)

NB. Major repairs and/or installs are not available, but for basic repair and/or technical assessments, please get in touch.