Mastering services

I am able to offer professional digital mastering at competitive rates

  • Mastering for streaming platforms - Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud
  • Audio restoration
  • MP3/AAC/FLAC/OGG file encoding (using Sonnox software to prevent codec ‘overs’)

Analogue mastering is also available - most material sounds a click better run through Neve transformer circuits.

  • Discrete Class-A transformer-coupled signal path to 192khz @ 32/24/16-bit, via Lynx Aurora(n) conversion

Content (artwork) packaging is also available in-house -

  • Digital media distribution (audio, video, images, PDFs)
  • Print design and layout for duplication templates (CD / vinyl)
  • Print-on-demand and merchandising

Do you do vinyl mastering?

No, it’s a specialist skill, and given the cost per run, I prefer to recommend an engineer with extensive experience in mastering for that medium.

Do you do mix and master?

Yes, for projects with tighter budgets, but for best results external mastering is recommended, as this adds objectivity / an additional perspective.

Check out recent tracks for examples of mastering work.