RND 5088 RND 5088 "Shelford" Console

The mix process involves a range of hybrid tools - the best analogue and digital tools available -

  • Analogue mixing via the renowned Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console (16:8:2)
  • UAD digital summing and processing
  • Extensive range of processing and fx
  • Genelec monitoring

How to send files

Files are supplied as printed wav/aiff file tracks, so your DAW choice is not important. I can send you a Dropbox File Request, so you don’t need to have a file sharing account. Any file sharing service is fine, though many artists prefer Google Drive as they retain control over who can access their files.

I can also work in any Mac-compatible DAW - Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase - projects might come in as a GarageBand bundle, or Reaper, it really doesn’t matter which tools you choose to create.

Remix stems

Remix stems can be printed at small additional cost.

Check out recent tracks for examples of mixing work.

For more info about me, see the About page.