We offer a range of mixing, programming and editing services -

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  • Quotes - Send us a rough mix (100% confidential), we’re happy to listen and send you a quote
  • Mix review - We’re always keen to review mixes and work in progress!

Standard mix - $350 per song

  • Unattended
  • Maximum of 50 audio tracks / 10 minutes per song
  • 2 sets of revisions*
  • Turnaround 1-2 weeks

This is a good choice if you’re happy with performances and all you need is a mix.

Advanced mix - $650 per song

  • Unattended
  • Maximum of 75 audio tracks / 10 minutes per song
  • Up to 1 day’s edit/production time included
  • 3 sets of revisions*
  • Turnaround 1-2 weeks

This mix option is a great choice where you might need to bring a few elements up to the standard of the rest of the tracking. We can use edit/production time to bring the musical impact of the track up to the mark via editing, or even re-work drums, replace bass, or add guitar - it’s up to you.

* Additional revisions - $75 per hour

For new customers, we don’t worry too much about revisions. For digital summing, most revisions take only a short time to modify and re-print. Analogue mixes can also capture mix stems, which we can automate for fast revision purposes. Once all OK, we print a final analogue sum.

Mastering - add $50 per song

To make things go faster, we can include Streaming mastering as an option. We would generally recommend to have mixes mastered in another environment, but this is less critical with the advent of monitor calibration and analytical tools. In any event we’re happy to advise you and/or liaise with your preferred mastering engineer.

How the mix process works

  • Prepare your tracks for submission (see Mixing FAQs)
  • Share your mix files
  • We mix, according to your notes
  • Once we have a mix that we’re happy with, we’ll send a mix for feedback and revision
  • You send us a set of revisions, we tick them off
  • Repeat!
  • Once complete, you receive your mix, together with mastering stems (music only, vocal only)