Programming and editing

We’re happy to do custom editing and programming work, we can do things likeĀ -

  • Musical time edits (Fix the drums? No, the bass is late!)
  • Transparent, musical and detailed vocal pitch editing
  • Drum replacement and programming
  • V-drum midi to BFD3/SD3
  • Tempo map extraction from live drums (ie. click-track generation from variable tempo content)
  • Additional orchestration and sample library sound replacement (using e.g. Spitfire Orchestra Professional, Native Instruments)
  • Audio restoration and noise removal
  • Remixes
  • Music production
  • Session work

We may be able to edit within your DAW and return this to you, although we may not have identical software instruments / plugins.

Advanced mixing

If you need more advanced musical editing skills before mix, we can do things likeĀ 

  • vocal pitch and phrase edits
  • guitar and bass re-amping
  • trimming backing vocals
  • cutting percussion to the groove.

We can also do drum sample replacement/augmentation, e.g. deepen kick, snare and toms by adding in a sample beneath the recorded drum, or even ’re-space' a kit recorded in a small room, or, throw detected hits into an envelope filter. If you’ve captured v-drum midi, we can re-voice the kit for you very quickly, the result is generally always better than Roland’s sound module.